Host: MabDesign

Country: France

Venue: L'Espace Tête d'Or 103, Boulevard of Stalingrad, 69100 Lyon – Villeurbanne France


The 6th Bioproduction Congress will bring together experts from companies (large pharmas, SMEs and start-ups) and laboratories developing therapeutic candidates as well as leading biomanufacturing professionals to accelerate the commercial manufacturing of therapeutic drugs such as mAbs, vaccines, cell and gene therapy. We expect 250 participants, + 20 expert speakers, 4 workshops, 30 exhibitors, and 250 B2B meetings.

The theme of this edition is: Bioproduction Challenges & Opportunities for Biotherapies: lessons learned from COVID-19 pandemic.

The topics covered in the sessions are :
Session 1 – Fast-Track bioproduction: what we have learned from COVID-19 outbreak
Session 2 – Use of non-clonal cell lines to accelerate First-in-Man
Session 3 – Innovation in QC release & cross-cutting Technologies for bioproduction
Session 4 – Cybersecurity risks related to Covid-19
Session 5 – Breakthrough Innovations in Bioproduction