The Northern Highlights of Biotech and Health seminar was held in the University of Oulu, offering the participating PhD students and researchers the opportunity to meet people from business development organizations, biotech companies, clinical laboratories and research organizations.

Speakers provided interesting overviews on clinical laboratory services, printed intelligence, food safety, local activities in drug development, and the importance of university-industry collaboration in biobusiness. They included; Leila Risteli and Tommi Vaskivuo (NordLab), Marja Nissinen (Oulu University of Applied Sciences), Riitta Laitinen (MTT Agrifood Research Finland), Mari Leppilampi (Business – Oulu), Minna Komu (Admescope Ltd) and Johanna Myllyharju (Biocenter Oulu and Fibrogen Inc).

The seminar was organized by the Working life and business skills for PhDs -ESFproject, Biocenter Oulu Doctoral Programme and Biocenter Oulu.