Blue Zones are regions of the world, generally in the countryside, where people are healthier and live much longer than average. These zones are spread around the world. It was discovered that the people inhabiting these zones share lifestyle characteristics that contribute to their longevity, one of them being a plant-based diet.

Caused by urbanization more than 60% of the world population will be living in metropolitan zones in 2030. Current Blue Zones can be typified as ‘non-urban’. What do we need to convert urban zones into Blue Zones? Will a shift to more plant consumption help? How will plant breeding companies worldwide support the transition to blue-zone metropolitan regions?

During the CROP Innovation & Business Meet-up on September 19th, views and insights will be shared about perspectives and hurdles in converting metropolitan regions into blue zones.

During the event you͛ are also invited to join a tour through KeyGene’s CROP Innovation Center, to take part in a virtual crop science reality and to get up-to-speed with a masterclass ‘Deep learning’.

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