Country: Italy

Host: IRIB, IPCB, ICB, IC, IBE - CNR (Catania)

Venue: Catania, Area della Ricerca del CNR - Via Paolo Gaifami 9-18 / Digital Event


The activities that the Institute for Biomedical Research and Innovation (IRIB) based in Catania plans to carry out are related to the research carried out in the Institute and will essentially be focused on the neuroscience sector.

In this regard, simple virtual dissemination experiences will be prepared through videos and presentations shared on EBW channels for the duration of the event which will give scientific indications towards these sectors.

The presentations, aimed at a wide audience, will focus on:

– molecular and cellular biology activities;
– microscopy activity;
– genomic activity;
– communication, dissemination and scientific research activities concerning the phenomenon of Violence against Minors.
– activities related to the current Covid-19 emergency