What does #biotechnology mean to you? This was the question asked on @BioTechKnowledgey, a Twitter account run by @Alivere, @AmberBlogg, Steffen Wolla and Tara Tamang as part of their biotechnology module run by Prof. @AnneOsterrieder. Their campaign aimed at expanding and promoting interest in biotechnology by making advances in the field accessible to fellow students without basic biotech knowledge. The students’ campaign received an overwhelming response with 19 replies, over 21.7K impressions and 300% increase in followers.

The group @BioTechSparks is run by @JessLUpson, @DGrantleySmith, @sdpwilliams and @MorbeyJames. Their campaign for Biotech Week was to run a road trip around the UK promoting biotechnology and how it is incorporated in every-day life. The third-year students’ aim was to demonstrate that biotechnology is not just a tool used by scientists in laboratories but has multiple applications. This road trip collectively reached over 4.200 views.