Venue: IBP CNR, via Pietro Castellino 111

Area of interest: healthcare biotech

Type of activity: meeting/debate, open doors

More info:, + 39 081.6132224,, + 39 081.6132614

More than 200 years ago (1776), Edward Jenner observed that people exposed to the virus of bovine pox were resistant to smallpox and on this basis produced the first “vaccine” against smallpox. Since that time, enormous progress has been made in preventive vaccination strategies that ultimately led to the eradication of several deadly infections. There will be a presentation on new vaccines that are available nowadays thanks to the new technological advances (synthetic, recombinant, conjugates, adjuvanted, multicomponent, from reverse vaccinology) against resistant, emerging and re-emerging infections, as well as therapeutic vaccination strategies against some types of tumours and for gluten intolerance. Thanks to the expertise of immunologists and biotechnologists of IBP-CNR, doubts and questions regarding the alleged dangers of vaccination will be addressed, providing a correct information on the efficacy of preventive vaccination campaigns, and their need for protecting not only the individual health but also that of the entire community.

Organizer: CNR – Istituto di Biochimica della Proteine