Venue: TBC

Area of interest: healthcare biotech

Type of activity: discussion/Playdecide

More info: +39 331.7552386,

For a long time, biotechnology has been looked upon with fear and suspicion, due to a lack of knowledge. Our objective is to inform the public (young people, students, families) so they can learn about the potential of biotechnology and not fear the field. In the last few years, the general public has lost the perception of the risk linked to certain infectious diseases, while attention has been focused on adverse events due to the administration of vaccines. Firstly, the public will answer a questionnaire without having received any information. Then, the course will show the answers to the most frequent doubts of parents/students, followed by a discussion on the safety of vaccines (about production processes, what they contain, if they are safe drugs, how to manage vaccines’ adverse effects) and finally an overview of major diseases fought by vaccines. The course will end with a play-decide, a card game which will help to discuss and comment the Italian situation with regard to vaccines.

Organiser: Sifo, Area giovani