Area of Interest: Red and green biotech

Type: Meeting/debate

Public health initiatives such as One Health demonstrate the growing awareness of the fact that animal and human health are strongly interconnected with each other and with the environment. Veterinary infectious diseases cause economic losses for the livestock industry, both directly and for the interruption of trade. Moreover, numerous zoonotic pathogens represent a direct hazard to human health. In this context, vaccines are important tools of prophylaxis that may also contribute to the reduction of the use of antimicrobials, slowing the onset of drug resistance.

The event aims to address these issues by involving experts in the field affiliated to public institutions and professionals in the field of zootechny. Furthermore, ENEA Biotechnology Laboratory will illustrate the potential of plant biofactories for the production of new generation veterinary vaccines and diagnostics

Organiser: ENEA

Address: Roma, ENEA, Lungotevere Thaon de Revel 76

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