Country: Lithuania

Host: Lithuanian Biotechnology Association

Venue: Virtual Event

Website: Women in Biotech

WOMEN IN BIOTECH is the first and only platform in Lithuania encouraging women leadership in the life science sector. We invite notable female entrepreneurs, scientists, and activists to talk about their innovations, success stories in biotechnology to inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators.

WOMEN IN BIOTECH is a virtual and free of charge event.

Latest research shows that more Lithuanian women work in biotechnology than men, however, very few of them take up roles in leadership. Only 25% of all startups have 1 woman on their team, 6% have 2 women and only 4 companies have women as their leaders.

WOMEN IN BIOTECH is an inspirational platform for leadership endeavors and will be held annually to provide women with a long-term inspirational platform. Four international female leaders will cover their exceptional success stories in corporate, non-governmental, investment and startup sections of biotechnology.

Whether you are a student already working in biotechnology or someone wishing to requalify, this event could give you new ideas and support your progress.

Live broadcast of the event will be held on our YouTube channel ‘Lithuanian Biotechnology Association’ 29 September, 3pm (UTC +3).