Country: Italy

Host: Women&Tech® Associazione Donne e Tecnologie

Venue: TBC


Biotechnologies are the foundations on which to build the world of tomorrow: more equitable and sustainable. These are the technologies on which to leverage to trigger the innovative push necessary for the relaunch of the country and to make the economy sustainable.

Precisely as enabling technologies for a better future for society and the environment, it is interesting to reflect on the growth of the sector and on the new professions that are emerging, from the world of academic research to industry, and which will increasingly play a role. key to address current challenges and pursue the objectives of environmental and social sustainability.

Through a discussion between Women & Tech® Young Ambassadors and scientists and entrepreneurs in the sector, the meeting will shed light on the contribution that biotech can make to undertake the transformation path envisaged by the green deal. A passing of the baton to enhance female talent in the biotech field and cultivate new talents and new skills.