We are living a very exciting and innovative momentum in medicine. Biotechnology, with the new drugs based on macromolecules and cells, is responding to the need of finding a cure for pathologies not treatable with traditional drugs. Women are the undisputed protagonists of this breakthrough innovation, using a multidisciplinary approach to create an added value in all sectors of the development of new drugs and technologies. This event will address a very broad audience, and will host speakers from the academia, the industry and institutions. A special focus will be put on young people and the point of view and experience of women contributing to this Italian excellence recognized at the international level.

Venue: Università di Milano Aula C03 Settore didattico Via L. Mangiagalli 25 –Milano


Focus: Red Biotech

Type: Meeting/Debate

More info: mlnolli@ncnbio.it,  paola.minghetti@unimi.it 

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Organiser: Women & Technologies, Associazione Farmaceutici Industria (AFI)  e Dipartimento di Scienze Farmaceutiche e Dipartimento di Scienze Farmacologiche e Biomolecolari Università di Milano