Numerous biotech SME CEOs and high-level reps of innovative biotech SMEscame together for a day of interactive discussions, panel debates and hands-on work at EuropaBio’s first ever European Biotech SME Forum. The topics ranged from Europe’s investment climate and Unitary Patent System to the European Medicines Agency’s support for SMEs and the challenges of the Nagoya Protocol for biotech companies. The day kicked-off with the bell-ringing ceremony to open the Euronext Stock Market and also featured the awards ceremony for the 2016 Most Innovative European Biotech SME Awards won by France’s Cellectis (healthcare biotech category), Ireland’s OxyMem (industrial biotech category) and Spain’s Plant Response Biotech (agricultural biotech category). @EuropaBio Belgium_BellCeremonyBelgium_SMEawardsBelgium_SMEforum