Host: Cibo per la Mente | Assobiotec

Country: Italy

Venue: Online


What is the state of the art of public and private biotech research in agriculture? How can new genetic improvement techniques support the agri-food supply chain to overcome sustainability challenges and at the same time satisfy consumer demands?

The protagonists of the sector will discuss it on Monday 27 September at 11 am during “Biotechnologies and sustainability: how can new technologies contribute?”, The webinar organized by Food for the mind, Manifesto for innovation in agriculture signed by 15 associations (Aisa, Agrofarma , API, Assalzoo, Assica, Assitol, Assobiotec, Assofertilizzanti, Assosementi, Compag, CIA, Confagricoltura, Copagri, UNAItalia, Uniceb) with Assobiotec, on the occasion of Biotech Week, the week of biotechnologies which this year is celebrated from 27 September to October 3.

Giuseppe Carli – President of Assosementi
Mario Provezza – Director of Federchimica Assobiotec
Piero Morandini – Researcher at the University of Milan