Host: Rete BioHighTech Net 4.0

Country: Italy

Venue: Urban Center, Corso Cavour 2/2, Trieste (Italy)


EBHT 2021 is an event fully dedicated to Research Institutions and Innovative Companies that operate in the Smart Health & Well-Being sectors. It will take place on the 27th and 28th September 2021 at the newly established Urban Center of Trieste.

Since 2016, EBHT 2021 offers a very rich conference side, which will include four main sessions: Research, Education, Finance and Policy for Business Innovation in Health Technology. This year, the exhibition will be held online, to have an even further worldwide reach – there will also be an exhibition conference, where innovative startups and PMIs will present their innovative products and/or services in the BioHighTech sector either through streaming or live sessions.

This Exhibition Has Multiple Goals:

  1. Innovation
    EBHT promotes R&D projects to accelerate the growth of the territorial ecosystems of innovative biohightech companies in the healthcare & well-being sectors, as well as favoring a model of economic and social development.
  2. Connection
    EBHT connects Universities, Research Centers, Innovative startups and SMEs, Healthcare structures, Hospitals, Social-Healthcare Entities, Nursing homes, Financial, Training and Communication Institutions operating in BioHighTech sector, in order to create new business opportunities.
  3. Promotion
    EBHT aims to promote and develop research and innovation projects between startups and SMEs in the sector of life and medical science, financed by the European Union, between Universities, Research Entities and Social-Healthcare Entities located in the Alpe Adria area, Eastern Europe and Balkan areas, in order to develop the economic growth with product and service innovation especially in the cross-border territories.
  4. Evolution
    EBHT is an event where research institutions and companies can meet, share and discover new ideas and concepts, also in the field of digital hightech innovation. An event, where local and national institutions and companies, as well as cross border institutions and companies from the Alpe Adria area and Easter Europe and the Balkan area, can develop and promote new technologies, applications and processes in order to improve the performance of the Health & Well-being services.