Country: Italy

Host: DND BIOTECH & Fondazione Pisa

Venue: DND Biotech srl | via S. Cannizzaro 5 | Pisa | PI | 56121 / Digital Event


A meeting to present ROBONOVA 2.0, the evolution of the project developed by DND Biotech of Pisa, the new response to the need for environmental remediation with bio-based methods combined with the need to be present and operate everywhere, even in critical and non-critical areas. easily accessible. RoboNova 2.0 is a containerized, replicable and modular mobile laboratory. It combines diagnostic tools and therapeutic tools in a single operating station, it is able to solve multiple problems at the same time and respond to the multiple needs of the various countries and territories that are grappling with the need to restore entire areas compromised by pollutants.