Which technologies are needed for the development of new personalized drugs? The path of Research and Development within the Campus of Nerviano Medical Sciences

Area of interest: Red biotech

Type: Meeting/debate; open doors

The event illustrates the research path of new cancer drugs, developed on the paradigm of personalized medicine. Visiting the biotechnology, biology and chemistry laboratories the students will experience in deep the stages of this long journey, starting from the first idea of ​​the drug.

Through two thematic seminars will also be described the technologies of genomics and bioinformatics used within the Campus and those developed by researchers in the field of immunoconjugates, in which Nerviano Medical Sciences has identified and patented different proprietary toxins.

Address: Nerviano (Milan), Nerviano Medical Sciences Campus and Laboratories, Viale Pasteur 10

For more information, please reach out to: chiara.lattuada@nmsgroup.it

Organiser: Nerviano Medical Sciences Srl, company of  NMS Group SpA