Where? Foundation University G. d’Annunzio

Via dei Vestini, 31, Chieti

In collaboration with: Fondazione Università G. D’Annunzio

Regenerative medicine represents a new multidisciplinary approach for the therapy of degenerative pathologies affecting several human organs (cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, nervous system). Several possible approaches of regenerative medicine exist, based on stem cells transplant, on the construction of in vitro organs, on the induction of endogenous stem cells proliferation thanks to trophic factors. In this viewpoint, regenerative medicine represents the ideal model of translational medicine, based on the information transfer from the counter to the patient’s bed, and it represents a unique chance of interaction between the scientific and the industrial world which comes from the need to get microsupports, scaffold and molds to be used for new organs generation. The purpose of this initiative is to show the newest approaches of regenerative medicine in the field of in vitro trials and on animal models, so as to lay the foundations for future collaborations to accelerate the transition toward the clinical phase.